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Effectiveness over efficiency

I’m Alex, and my passion is to show people their potential and the path to maximize opportunities.

Being a consultant, I help turn ideas into startups and startups transform into business by giving the right direction.

I validate ideas and point on the right steps towards MVP. I build MVPs. CTO of many startups as well as holding operations for multiple software agencies, it’s been a great journey.

Based in a beautiful Ukraine, though mind wise borderless.

How it works


Your success is a priority. Therefore, I will be straight: if the idea sucks, I will tell immidiately and explain you why.

You can save thousands of dollars through validation.

And if there is a potential, I will show you the quickest path, turning the focus on the right things.

Clear feedback

I value trust and would like consider us as partners. Being honest and clear is the best starting point.

I ask for a clarity, so you can expected a clear feedback from me.

Having a strong network of freelancers and agencies, I can connect you with right people, but in most cases I can show you how to make it on your own.

Long-term path

I will provide you with a long-term plan if the idea is valid. This way, I will support your efforts in design, development, market research or competition analysis.

Should we talk?

Case studies


I have been working in tech now for 10+ years and doing business development for at 6 years.

Below are some of the cases when I advised startups. Hopefully, this can give you an objective understanding of my expertise and a variety of projects I assist.

AR startup in a beauty industry

I completed research for them and created an architecture for the system. As a result, I explained what the market could accept and not, including the technology limits and insufficient UX in this field.

Although now this idea would be realized, back then it was impossible. The client did not proceed with the project and spent no money on development.

Scholarships marketplace for students

I recommended this startup to gather customer feedback via a simple WordPress page and validate the concept using a simple solution.

An entrepreneur could use a chatbot or even a Google form instead of early tech development. When he didn’t listen to my advice, the project failed to take off.

Athletic coaching:
On The Go - Fit

I helped to revise and launch this personal training app. Although an MVP, we had to architect a large but scalable system.

Full of neat features, On The Go – Fit is yet intuitive and simple. One of the grand challenges was to conclude a complex back-end technology for moving funds around, taken the worldwide accessibility.

Get in Touch

Drop me a line with your story, be as detailed as possible. I’ll be in touch shortly.


Remote, but happy to jump on an airplane for a personal meeting (when needed)


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