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Effectiveness over efficiency

I’m Alex, and my passion is to show people their potential and the path to maximize opportunities.

Being a consultant, I help turn ideas into startups and startups transform into business by giving the right direction.

I validate ideas and point on the right steps towards MVP. I build MVPs. CTO of many startups as well as holding operations for multiple software agencies, it’s been a great journey.

Based in a beautiful Ukraine, though mind wise borderless.

How it works


Your success is a priority. Therefore, I will be straight: if the idea sucks, I will tell immidiately and explain you why.

You can save thousands of dollars through validation.

And if there is a potential, I will show you the quickest path, turning the focus on the right things.

Clear feedback

I value trust and would like consider us as partners. Being honest and clear is the best starting point.

I ask for a clarity, so you can expected a clear feedback from me.

Having a strong network of freelancers and agencies, I can connect you with right people, but in most cases I can show you how to make it on your own.

Long-term path

I will provide you with a long-term plan if the idea is valid. This way, I will support your efforts in design, development, market research or competition analysis.

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